Wholesaler Silver Jewellery India, Manufacturer Silver Jewellery Jaipur
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Wholesale Manufacturer & Exporter of 925 Silver Jewelry...

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This shopping cart have all item in ready to ship stage. Any order from this cart is shipped in 2 to 3 working days. Good selected collection. More...


( 1 ) Jaipur Silver Cart
Jaipur Silver-Cart Wholesale silver jewelry shopping cart catalog where there is no minimum Qty. You can order as low as 1 piece each design. More...


( 2 ) Silver Shop Cart
Vast collection of designs in this shopping cart where minimum is 5 pieces in each design.


Wholesale Two wholesale shopping cart, here you can order minimum 5 pieces with your preferred stone combination. Good selected collection on sterling silver and gemstone jewelry. More...


Wholesale Shopping Cart, here you can order minimum 10 pieces with your preferred stone combination. Good selected collection on sterling silver and gemstone jewelry. More...


These are cab mm and free size Turquoise design pendants and bracelets collection. India native designs in Genuine Turquoise. More...


A collection of cut and cab faceted stone jewellery in plain silver setting design. Evergreen. More...
Sterling Silver Jewellery India, Silver Jewellery Exporter, Fashion Jewellery Exporter
  Shyam Gems is a well-known name in the field of silver jewellery and handicrafts manufacturing, known for its Quality and Services .

Shyam Gems
is the manufacturer and wholesale exporter of wide range of fashion and Sterling Silver Jewelery, Semi Precious Stones etc. such as fashion earrings, fashion pendants, sterling silver jewelry, sterling silver pendants, bracelets and more. It is in a constant effort to bring out new, creative and innovative designs the measure to the international standards of quality.

Jaipur Silver Jewelry, 925 Silver Jewellery India Silver Jewelry
The Sterling Silver Jewelry carries an exquisite blend of traditional designs and contemporary styles.

Silver Rings
Silver Pendants
Silver Earrings
Silver Bracelets
Silver Necklaces
Silver Jewelry Sets

Silver Jewellery Manufacturer, Silver Jewellery Supplier Wholesale Jewellery
Shyam Gems is the wholesale manufacturer and exporter of wide range of Jewellery.

Wholesale Rings
Wholesale Pendants
Wholesale Earrings
Wholesale Bracelets
Wholesale Necklaces
Wholesale Jewelry Sets

Beaded Jewellery Exporter, Stone Beads Jewellery India, Fashion Jewellery Fashion/Beaded Jewelry
The Stone Bead Jewelry with its fine and intricate workmanship, reflects the perfected skills of our craftsmen.

Beaded Earrings
Beaded Bracelets
Beaded Necklaces
Beaded Jewelry Sets